An Outline of Some Advertising and Media Jobs

Advertising is an industry that attracts some very creative and talented individuals. They bring something unique to the media industry and aim to come up with the most innovative campaigns around.There is a large library of information available online that enables potential advertising workers to search for jobs, learn about industry trends and participate in forums. Hopeful candidates should use these sites to conduct a bit of research into what type of jobs are available and most in demand. Here is a short list of some UK advertising jobs to get you started on your career plans.Planner/BuyerAdvertising buyers spend most of their time looking for advertising space on various different platforms. They have to evaluate different advertising opportunities and decide what options will generate the best return on investment. Some advertising space can be very hard to obtain and you can come up against some tough competitors. Good negotiation skills are key to this role because advertising buyers need to be able to negotiate a fair price.Online Advertising PlannerOnline advertising planners work specifically online and only look for opportunities to advertise on the internet only. Candidates hoping to work in this role must have a strong knowledge of the advertising opportunities that are available online. This is also a very fast moving part of advertising to work in because the internet is constantly changing and adapting to new developments. For example, social media is a new advertising channel that has arisen in the last few years which allows advertisers to pick very targeted campaigns.Advertising CopywriterYou can work as an advertising copywriter from anywhere is the UK for two reasons. Firstly, there are a huge number of advertising agencies all over the UK. Secondly, you can work from home and send your copy to agencies and managers by email.Advertising copywriters write the content for a variety of adverts. They need to be able to tailor their writing to the audience that they are trying to appeal to. Moreover, they should be able to adapt their writing style to the different publications and advertising platforms that they choose to use.In this article, various UK advertising jobs have been outlined. However, it is important to note that there are many more opportunities available and you will be able to discover these in later versions of this article. Watch this space!

Three Ways to Make Your Facebook Advertising More Effective

Every now and again a new form of advertising hits the scene, and in terms of the internet the latest thing getting everyone talking is Facebook advertising. In fact, many internet consultants are saying Facebook advertising may one day be bigger than Google AdWords, and there are now dozens of Facebook advertising courses springing up, each one promising to show you the secrets to using this new advertising medium.However, even though Facebook is a fairly new medium, the way to use its advertising is actually no different than using any other type of advertising media, because in the end it’s just a different way of doing something that’s been around for a long time. The most important thing about any kind of advertising is your return on investment, and anything else is not worth bothering about. The only type of good advertising is profitable advertising, and that means you need to be spending less than the money coming in. If you’re doing that, the advertising is successful, and you really don’t need to learn anything else.So how can you make sure your Facebook advertising profitable?By following the same strategies you use when using any other type of advertising medium, that’s how.1. Target the right people. No matter which advertising system you use, the advertising will fail if it’s not going in front of the people interested in what you’re selling. It’s always better to have your ad going in front of fewer people who are qualified, instead of going in front of 10 times more people who are not interested in what you’re selling at all. This means targeting people who are likely to buy what you sell. If you run a local store, make sure you target your local geographic area. If you sell fishing gear, put your advertisement in front of people who are interested in fishing. This sounds simple and it is, but many businesses forget this simple principle when they advertise and consequently fail to get a return on investment.2. Keep an eye on conversions. Once you have people clicking on your ads, you have to make sure they are converting into sales or leads. This means you need to make sure your website pages are built in the correct way, and guide the reader to exactly what you want them to do, either buying something or leaving their contact details so you can get in touch with them later. If you discover you can spend $50 on advertising, but you end up making $200 in sales, the advertising has more than paid for itself. But in order to get to this state you need to make sure your website pages are doing a proper job.3. Keep on testing all the time. You’ll always find the first time you run ads, your success rate will be fairly low, and it’s really just a case of keep trying different approaches and constantly improving your click-through-rate. Keep on testing one ad against another, stop using the worst one, and then test the best one against a new advertisement. Do this and your ads will constantly improve and you’ll get a higher return on investment.Facebook advertising can be a great way to bring in qualified leads and make sales, but it will only work if you follow age-old principles of direct response advertising. Simply throwing money at it won’t get you anywhere. You need to constantly test your advertisements, and make sure you’re getting a return on investment, just like you would in order to create any other profitable advertising campaign.