Business – Advertising in Print

The average American spends a half-hour daily reading newspapers, magazines and journals, according to research. This is perhaps not surprising when you consider that the United States owns the largest number of print media outlets with the largest circulation total worldwide.While our society is increasingly digital, it is clear that many people still use and enjoy traditional print media. The business owner with a head for value can use this to his or her advantage. Advertising in print media remains an excellent value that can greatly increase sales.There are several valid reasons for considering using print ads in your company’s marketing plan.First, and most essentially, a business that uses print advertisement has an invaluable opportunity to establish a positive public image. Print advertisements reach a local populace or targeted readership. Print ads for a business establish the image that the business will hold. This image is even more important than establishing a greater market share for the product.The effective ad works on an emotional basis. Consumers are encouraged to see the product or service offered as allowing them to achieve desired change or accomplishment. Advertising professionals use elements of layout, design, and positioning, together with ad content, to gain and hold audience interest and encourage this emotional response.Advertisers are able to make readers feel as though they will be more cool, or will seem modern, if they patronize a given business. They may also provide incentives to the customer, to entice them to come to the business. Effectiveness of these efforts is enhanced by marketers’ use of readership surveys, which provide detailed statistical analysis of readers of the publication.By using print media for their marketing needs, a business owner can more efficiently target their ideal audience. Print media is targeted to a specific readership. To be able to target the likely consumer, all a business owner needs to do is to take out ad space in a print venue targeted to this same readership.Some people say that print media is dying. This is not true. Print media is more targeted than online media. Because of this, it is a natural choice for smart marketing.