How To Start Your Own Catering Business – Advertising Your Business

Once you’ve actually started your new catering business, the time will come for you to begin advertising and promoting your new business. This is a crucial stage since you will need to spread the word about your business in order to get a steady stream of clients.Promoting a business isn’t an easy task. In fact, the biggest mistake I see people make is trying to advertise in the wrong places. You need to make sure you’re spreading the word in the right way.The Close CircleThe first people who need to know that you’re starting your own catering business are your friends and family. The reason is that these people will give you the best form of advertising there is: Word of Mouth. You can’t believe how effective this is. You may not know about people who want to host a party, but if you tell 10 friends about your new business, it’s like you have 10 pairs of ears instead of one. Don’t be shy, be confident.People who are close to eventsSome people are generally associated with events for which people often seek catering services. A Rabbi, for instance runs Bar-Mitzvahs which are a huge Jewish event which is almost always catered. Funereal homes can also help you since people usually arrange catering for the people who come to their house after the wake. You can think of a lot more people like that. And of course, you have your close circle to help you.Corporate advertisingCorporations do a lot of catering. Finding a few companies to be your constant clients can provide a huge income boost to your new catering business. Try to get in touch with someone from Human Resources as they will usually be in charge of throwing events and such. Don’t be shy about bringing samples of your food. It will leave a lasting impression.I hope you will implement what you learned in this article to start your catering business in the right way and make it highly profitable.